In order to understand the role of the Holy Spirit in the Life of the Church, it is necessary to reflect upon Its nature. The then Cardinal Ratzinger identifies some of the Holy Spirit’s characteristics in The God of Jesus Christ. Ratzinger explains how the Holy Spirit dwells in the Word and is the life […]

In the God of Jesus Christ, Benedict XVI discusses the sonship of Jesus Christ, and notes that during the Council of Nicaea the word ‘son’, “…emerged increasingly during the elaboration of the profession of faith as the nucleus that contained everything else”. This is not something that should be overlooked. The Church fathers could have […] The link above features a Carl’s Jr. advertisement for it’s “Southwest Pattymelt”. When I first saw this commercial, I couldn’t believe that it actually aired on public television! It is really racy and is the epitome of Vincent Miller’s notion of “seduction” in regards marketing and consumerism. In Desire and the Kingdom of God, […]

According to Balthasar, Christian revelation is love. In his section on “Love as Revelation”, he suggests that love alone is credible in both a positive and negative sense (84). In the positive sense, love alone is credible through the teachings of Jesus and His death on the cross. It is important to note that these […]

To be honest, I do not know much about the role that alcohol and sex play at Notre Dame. It is by no means that I am a saint (although I want to be one!), but it is because I am fairly removed from campus life. I live in Old College, the undergraduate seminary for […]

In Passing on the Faith, Christian Smith argues that Moralistic Therapeutic is the new religion for the youth in America, and his research focuses on how religious communities present their respective faith to the youth. He proposes that these communities have failed to properly communicate with the youth in light of various societal challenges. For […]

In The Christian Experience, Jean Mouroux discusses the relationship between faith and charity and insists that the object of the Christian experience is communion with God. While recognizing that we cannot actually see God in His fullness on this earth, Mouroux believes that we can grasp Him through various signs that we are exposed to. […]